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Dawn Glasco is a people-centered community engagement strategist, speaker, and author dedicated to empowering individuals to make a positive impact within their communities. With nearly a decade of experience in community building and social innovation, Dawn has honed her expertise in fostering collaborations, nurturing relationships, and driving sustainable change.

As the author of "Community Engagement Leadership: Unleashing the Power Within," Dawn unveils seven essential principles that empower leaders to excel in their community engagement endeavors. Drawing from her extensive experience and deep understanding of the complexities involved in fostering successful community engagement, Dawn offers invaluable insights and actionable advice to aspiring community leaders.


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Dawn's passion for community engagement is evident in her work as a trainer, workshop facilitator, and consultant. She has had the privilege of addressing diverse audiences, ranging from national conferences to local community organizations, guiding them towards effective strategies for building strong relationships, impactful collaborations, and compassionate community cultures.

With a profound commitment to fostering inclusivity and growth, Dawn emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity and creating environments where every voice is heard. Through her transformative guidebook and thought-provoking content, Dawn equips individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intricacies of community engagement and leave a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

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