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unleashing the power within!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s an excellent tool for community engagement. It encourages people to be creative and to be involved and heard which strengthens growth within themselves and their community."
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- Nancy E.

I consider this guide a great tool for aspiring community leaders and a reference for seasoned leaders to remind them why community engagement is essential to neighborhood development.

It’s a quick read that gets straight to the point."

5 star review
- Sharon D

The Seven Principles listed are principles that people would benefit from living their lives by. As we grow in ourselves, we are better able to lift up those around us. It is definitely a small, but mighty book not only for Community Leadership, but for personal and professional growth as well." 

5 star review
- Stacy C


This training is designed to support individuals in discovering and nurturing their unique talents, fostering a deeper connection with both themselves and others to achieve what matters to them. It places a strong focus on the seven principles of Community Engagement Leadership, to foster compassion, collaboration, communication, commitment, connection, courage and culture. The training builds emotional intelligence and resilience, equipping individuals to lead groups and teams, champion meaningful causes, build trustworthy relationships, and mobilize for positive change. The ultimate goal is to enable participants to become the positive change they want to see in the world, via compassionate and collaborative leadership.

This training is for:

  • Community leaders and organizers

  • Nonprofit organizations and social workers

  • Educators and trainers in community development

  • Individuals interested in community engagement and

  • leadership

Who Is Dawn Glasco?

Author | Community Engagement Leader | Speaker

Building compassionate communities through engagement.png

Dawn Glasco is an esteemed community engagement leader, speaker, and author dedicated to empowering individuals to make a positive impact within their communities. With nearly a decade of experience in community building and social innovation, Dawn has honed her expertise in fostering collaborations, nurturing relationships, and driving sustainable change.

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